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A Lawn Your Neighbors Will Envy

Maintaining your lawn is a job. Creating the lawn of your dreams? That is a full-time job - our full-time job. Instead of dedicating your whole weekend to yard work, let the B&T Pest Control experts do the hard work for you.

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Lawn Care in Jacksonville

Here in Jacksonville, our warm climate is certainly pleasant; however, it can be tough on your lawn. We offer lawn care in Jacksonville that can turn a dying yard into a vibrant and healthy paradise. Our Jacksonville lawn care professionals are highly trained and have a vast amount of experience. Following all rules and regulations, our Jacksonville lawn care experts treat your lawn like it’s their own. There is no need to worry about your loved ones or pets, either, because all the treatments we use on your lawn are family-friendly. When you partner with us for lawn care in Jacksonville, you can rest assured knowing you and your turf are in good hands.

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Introducing LawnGuard

B&T Pest Control now offers a new lawn care program called LawnGuard. For a minimal monthly free of $29.99 and one-time set up fee, LawnGuard services include 7 visits by our professionals during the growing season (approximately every 5-7 weeks from March to October), off-season (November-February) maintenance service at the request of the customer, fertilization of your lawn (using nitrogen when needed), weed control, and the application of pre-emergent and lime or sulfur. LawnGuard will take care of the following weeds in turfgrass areas (mulch beds and woodlines not included):

  •  Plantain
  •  Chickweed
  •  Clover
  •  Dandelion
  •  Dogfennel
  •  Field bindweed
  •  Ground ivy
  •  Henbit
  •  Chickweed
  •  Dollarweed
  •  Ragweed
  •  Spurge
  •  Wild garlic
  •  Wild onion

Additional services are available for an extra fee. This includes aeration and treatments for fire ants, fleas and ticks, mosquitos, fungus, and lawn insects.

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Allow Aeration to Save Your Lawn

If your grass is brown, you have dirt patches where anything refuses to grow, or your lawn resembles a desolate wasteland, fear not! We can revive your lawn! To do this, we use a technique that is of immense importance: aeration. Aeration in Jacksonville is the key to revitalizing your dead lawn. Our Jacksonville aeration service consists of puncturing the ground to break up compacted dirt and create small holes, allowing the grass roots to receive the proper amounts of air, water, and nutrients it needs to be healthy and grow. Aeration could be the boost your dying lawn needs to turn it around.

Friendly Neighborhood Lawn Service… From Your Neighbors

B&T Pest Control is proud to be a locally owned lawn care company in Jacksonville. Unlike nationally-owned businesses, we can offer our customers and their lawns the attention they deserve. We know Jacksonville, and we know how to cultivate the land in this part of our state to give you a lawn that will make your jaw drop. We are your neighbors, but we won’t treat you like our neighbors - we will treat you like family.

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