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Get The Dream Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

Trying to maintain a lawn on your own can be tough. Don’t spend another weekend wasting your time and effort - let the professional lawn care experts at B&T Pest Control help you out. We will do the hard work for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming about.

Eastern North Carolina Lawn Care

Here in Eastern North Carolina, we have beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery. With so much gorgeous nature around us, it can often make us feel discouraged about our own lawns. If your lawn isn’t in shape, you don’t need to worry. B&T Pest Control has been serving customers in eastern North Carolina for over 35 years and now offers lawn care services that will transform dry and dead lawns into beautiful works of art. Our comprehensive LawnGuard Program includes: include for you:

  • 7 visits during the growing season (March-October)
  • Maintenance service as needed in the off-season (November-February)
  • Fertilization, including nitrogen as needed.
  • Weed control
  • Pre-Emergent applications
  • Lime or Sulfur applications

Additionally, our lawn care professionals can take care of any of the following weeds in turfgrass area:

  • Plantain
  • Chickweed
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Dogfennel
  • Field bindweed
  • Ground ivy
  • Henbit
  • Dollarweed
  • Ragweed
  • Spurge
  • Wild garlic
  • Wild onion

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Family-Friendly Lawn Care Treatments

When you partner with us for lawn care, you can expect nothing but the best. Our lawn care experts are thoroughly trained and experienced. They are always up to date on safety rules and regulations. All of our lawn care treatments are pet- and family-friendly as well. We would never apply anything to your yard that we wouldn’t apply to ours as well. We strive to treat our customers like family, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Revive Your Lawn With Aeration

One of the most crucial components of lawn care is aeration. Often overlooked, aeration is the best way to bring a dying yard back to life. How does it work? Over time, soil gets compacted, making it hard for our lawns to “breathe.” However, aeration involves creating tiny holes in the soil, breaking up compaction and allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. If your lawn needs a boost, aeration could be the perfect service for you. We are proud to offer aeration services in Eastern North Carolina. Interested in learning more? Feel free to call our office at 910-329-1337 or get a free quote!

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Lawn Care That Doesn’t Break the Bank - Save $$$ With Our Special Offers!

You deserve a yard that looks good. You DON’T deserve going broke to achieve it. At B&T Pest Control, we know that lawn care can get expensive in our area. We are proud to offer affordable lawn care in Eastern North Carolina. Between our competitively priced packages and special offers, you can get a beautiful lawn that you can actually afford. For just $29.99 per month and a one-time setup fee, you can have our LawnGuard Service!

Think our LawnGuard service just isn’t enough? We offer many other services to help treat your home from threats! Here are other lawn services available for an extra fee:

  • Fire Ant Treatments
  • Flea & Tick Treatments
  • Mosquito Treatments
  • Fungus Treatments
  • Lawn Insect Treatments

Get The Lawn Of Your Dreams!

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Here at B&T Pest Control, your happiness is our number one priority. We always put customer satisfaction above anything else. That’s why we are proud to guarantee all of our lawn care treatments. If you’re not happy with the results of our lawn service, call us at 910-329-1337. We will do what it takes to make it right. That’s our guarantee to you!

Your Local Lawn Care Experts

We aren’t some national corporation- we’re your neighbors! We are proud to be locally-owned right here in Holly Ridge, NC. As locals, we have an extensive knowledge about the land in our area. We know which techniques and products work best - or not at all. Our local lawn care expertise is available throughout Eastern North Carolina, including:

Let the Professionals Transform Your Lawn

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