3 DIY Mosquito Control Tips

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When mosquitoes take over a backyard in the summer, many think that, short of hiring a mosquito exterminator, there’s little they can do to reduce the mosquito population around their home. This isn’t true. In fact, there are many ways that you may be contributing to your own mosquito control problem. 

At B&T Pest Control, we’ve learned several DIY tips to reducing mosquitoes around your property. These tips are simple and can make a big impact on the size of the mosquito population in your yard. 

DIY Mosquito Control Tip #1: Maintain Your Lawn

Mosquitoes need a place to hide during windy days. Their favorite hiding spot? Tall grasses. Regularly mowing your lawn takes this refuge way from mosquitoes. So on top of a better looking lawn, you also are cutting back on the mosquito population. 

In addition to mowing the lawn, cut back any thick or overgrown vegetation and clear debris out of your yard, such as clippings, sticks, branches, and leaves, as these are all great nesting areas for mosquitoes. 

DIY Mosquito Control Tip #2: Reduce Activity During Mosquito Hours

As we mentioned earlier, mosquitoes avoid the wind, so they are most active early in the morning and evening. Using their sense of smell to identify sweat and carbon dioxide, mosquitoes look for their next meal during these times of the day. When you’re physically active, your body produces sweat and carbon dioxide in excess quantities. 

We recommend avoiding physical activities around your property during these peak hours. Instead, either move your activity indoors or to a location further from your home, like a local park. This will cut down on mosquitoes being attracted to your property. 

Consider eating inside when having food that may be likely to draw in mosquitoes. Food and drinks with high amounts of yeast, like bread and beer, release CO2, drawing in mosquitoes.

Finally, use a strong fan if you are out during peak hours. Both dispersing your odor and making it more difficult for mosquitoes to fly, a fan can be an effective tool against this pest. 

DIY Mosquito Control Tip #3: Remove Standing Water

Most people know that mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed, but did you know they can lay their eggs in something as small as a water bottle cap filled with water? The easiest way to control the mosquito population around your home is to do a thorough inspection of your property, draining standing water and preventing it from happening again. 

The most common areas to search are:

  • Gutters. Blocked gutters provide both standing water and refuge from the wind. A perfect nest for mosquitoes. 
  • Large containers like wheelbarrows. Turn them upside down or move them into storage to avoid water collection. 
  • Toys left in the yard. Wagons, sandboxes, toy trucks, and others can easily hold water when left uncovered or out of the elements. 
  • Birdbaths. Although beautiful, they can quickly turn into a stagnant nest of mosquito eggs.

Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Yard Without the Work

All of these DIY tips are easier said than done. A professional mosquito control expert can offer a more thorough inspection or your property, safely identifying and treating any areas around your home, discouraging mosquito breeding. 

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