About Us

B&T Pest Control

B&T Pest Control is a family-owned business established in 1982 that currently serves a variety of pest control services to eastern North Carolina. It is our mission and goal to exceed our clients’ expectations and surpass our competitors’ efforts. At B&T Pest Control, we are a client-driven company. Customer service is our foundation.

We aim to provide friendly, fast, professional service at reasonable rates and in such a manner as to protect our team members, our clients along with their families and pets, and our environment from harm. We combine modern technological advances, time-proven hard work, and outstanding customer service in order to rid and protect our clients’ properties from unwanted pests.

We offer one-time pest control services, as well as the most inclusive pest control program in the area. And with our free emergency call-back service, if there's ever a need, we'll be right over to take care of it!


Our Expectations

There are certain things B&T Pest Control expects out of our team members, ensuring that we provide the best customer service in the area:

  • We expect our team members to always be polite and friendly. This starts from the time the phone rings in our office and continues until our pest control service technician leaves the customer's property.
  • We expect our team members to be loyal to their customers, fellow team members and the company. Team members are expected to be reliable and supportive and make decisions that benefit everyone, not just the individual.
  • We expect our team members to always be professional. This means respecting our clients as well as fellow team members. Our goal is to leave our clients' properties in better condition than when we arrived.
  • We expect team members to be honest to our clients, each other, and the company. We believe in conducting our business with uncompromising integrity.

Best Pest Control Companies in Jacksonville Award

We are proud to be one of the best pest control companies in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Expertise locates and verifies the best local experts for the job. Their team conducts a manual review of companies in the area and handpicks the best to receive their award. They grade each business by their availability, reputation, professionalism, qualification, and experience. Out of all of the pest control companies in Jacksonville, we are honored to be one of the few chosen to receive the Best Pest Control Companies in Jacksonville Award. 

5 Star Review

Service man answered all questions about the service. He did a great job.

Stephen Cavenaugh (Steve)
5 Star Review

Michael completed our service. VERY impressed with him. He did and excellent job and truly enjoyed working with him. Hope I can get him every time.

Jerry Kornegay
5 Star Review

Gene was wonderful! Helped me out and was very professional. This service is very reliable and would highly recommend!

Veena Gosai