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Wood Destroying Insect Report

Are you interested in requesting a Wood Destroying Insect Report (NC WDIR-100)? B&T Pest Control is here to help! These reports are typically required by mortgage lenders or someone who’s buying a house or refinancing. We will come to the home and look for current or past evidence of wood-destroying pests and create a report on our findings. Additional information about this service can be found on the NC Dept of Agriculture website. If you would like to request a WDIR, please fill out this form below!

(Please be advised your lender may not accept a report for an inspection performed more than 30 days prior to closing)
Also, if the house is currently under a termite service agreement with us and the buyer wishes to have it transferred
Notice that we must receive the transfer document back, signed by buyer and the transfer fee in order for the warranty to be transferred. Both documents are required.

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