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Protect Your Family from Rodents

No one wants to live in a home with rodents. Even the site of a rat or mouse is enough to cause chaos in a household. At B&T, we’ve been eliminating rodents from homes since 1982, and will create a customized solution that’s perfect for your home!


Rodent Control in Eastern North Carolina

Rodent Treatments in Eastern NC

Rodents, like mice and rats, are no stranger to eastern NC homes. Homeowners naturally turn towards DIY solutions when they find a rodent in their home. Unfortunately these treatments rarely work, because where there is one rodent, there are potentially dozens! With well over 30 years of rodent control experience in the area, our team of licensed rodent exterminators can help provide you with a rodent-free home in Jacksonville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. Our rodent control process involves:

  • A rodent inspection. Our team will inspect your home, looking for a variety of pests, including mice and rats.
  • We then create a customized treatment plan to rid your home of rodents using a mixture of baits and mechanical traps. 
  • Finally, we set a goal of keeping all future rodents out of your home with our rodent exclusion.

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What is Rodent Exclusion?

At B&T Pest Control, we believe in solving your pest problems; not just maintaining them. One of the most important aspects of this is exclusion. Pest exclusion is a preventative tactic that involves sealing up areas of your building where pests are likely to enter – essentially, denying pests access to your home in the first place. It’s much easier to keep pests out, than to get them out after an infestation takes hold.

Why Rodent Exclusion is Important

Exclusion is of particular importance as part of an overall corrective strategy, but also to prevent the reintroduction of nuisance wildlife, mice or rats. Rodents and wildlife can be significantly reduced or eliminated from a structure initially, but if openings around structures continue to exist, it will simply be a matter of time before a new infestation occurs.

How Rodent Exclusion Works

The key to pest exclusion is sealing and securing all possible points of entry into the building. This includes cracks in the foundation, improperly sealed vents, drain pipes, and other points of entry that are not properly sealed off. Of course, some parts of the building must remain ventilated and open to some extent; the point is to make sure that there are no unnecessary open entry points.

Besides being cost effective – because fewer chemicals are used and more efficient methods are employed – pest exclusion is safer for both humans and the environment. Pest exclusion is a great example of an affordable and highly efficient approach to pest management.

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Why Rodents Are Dangerous - Protect Your Family

When threatened, rodents like mice and rats can bite, transmitting a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and diseases through their saliva. These things can also be transmitted through their feces and urine in or around your home or food. Being a hazard to you and your family, it is critical that you keep all children and pests away from rodents, and that you never try to handle a rodent yourself. Even rodents that appear dead in a trap are capable of inflicting severe damage through a bite. 

B&T Knows Local Rodent Control

At B&T Pest Control, we’re the local guys! We work with you to answer any questions you may have. In the 35+ years of being in business in North Carolina, we’ve seen it all, and are confident that we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to rid your home of these unwanted pests! Here are our North Carolina rodent control service areas:

Onslow County

Pender County

New Hanover County

Carteret County

  • Cedar Point
  • Cape Carteret
  • Emerald Isle

Affordable Rodent Control - Save $$$ With Our Special Offers

Don't let rodent control break the bank! At B&T Pest Control, we have many special offers to help you save money. Take advantage of our 10% discount on wildlife exclusion jobs so you can get a rodent-free home at a fraction of the cost.

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