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Keep Pesky Wildlife Out

When wildlife find their way into your home, they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Don’t let your home fall victim! Trust B&T Pest Control for all of your nuisance wildlife needs.

Eastern NC Wildlife Control

Racoon on log

Wildlife pest populations in eastern North Carolina, including Jacksonville, Wilmington, and other surrounding areas, are increasing and animals are quickly adapting to human interaction. B&T Pest Control offers our customers resourceful professionals equipped to provide wildlife control services. 

Different types of home construction can promote different types of wildlife pest problems. Wood-sided houses have more birds and squirrels because it’s easier for them to get through the siding. Raccoons may go down chimneys and have their young atop the chimney flue.

Regardless of the wildlife problem you have, B&T is here to help! We take a cautious and responsible approach to all wildlife control visits, to better protect you and our employees. Our process is simple:

  • Thoroughly investigating where and how the animals got into your home. 
  • Crafting a strategic plan to safely remove the wildlife from your home.

It takes a highly-skilled wildlife control expert to remove wildlife like birds and mammals in a safe manner. Our professionals have multiple plans and methods of controlling wildlife pests, as well as the correct tools to do so.

The Risk of Wildlife Around Your Home

Wildlife in your home can potentially be extremely dangerous. Mammals are intelligent creatures with a hard-wired desire to survive. It will work hard to defend itself and to evade you. If it deems necessary, it will attack. Even a scratch from a wildlife pest could be enough to infect you with a disease. Beyond the risk of disease from a bite or scratch, wildlife can also:

  • Spread bacteria through their feces and urine.
  • Chew through wires, causing destructive housefires. 
  • Contaminate your food.

From a mild inconvenience to potentially deadly, leaving wildlife unchecked around your home is a risk you shouldn’t take. 

At B&T, we know the dangers of nuisance wildlife, which is why we have a Certified NC Wildlife Damage Control Agent on our staff!

Wildlife Pest Control Tips

While removing wildlife pests should be left up to the experts, there are tips that you can use to better identify your pests as well as ways to lower your chance of them ever becoming a problem! 

  • Note and thoroughly inspect areas where pests are suspected. If the pest you suspect is potentially dangerous, it is best to call an expert.
  • Look for gnawing, bedding, food, or damaged areas. Check for overhanging branches or wires that can provide a highway for the pest to enter a structure.
  • Place live traps in observed entryways.
  • Fill holes with insulation or steel wool.
  • Seal or caulk all access to structures. 

Trust the Local Wildlife Experts

At B&T, we know the local wildlife, their habits, when they’re most likely to move into your home and what attracted them to your home in the first place. Whether it’s a one-time incident or an ongoing struggle, our team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to get these pests out!

Save Money on Wildlife Control

We understand that wildlife control can be pricey. However, we want to ease the financial burden for you. We are happy to provide many special offers for our customers, including a 10% discount on any wildlife exclusion job! Here at B&T Pest Control, we don't just get rid of wildlife invaders - we save you money, too!

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