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Protect Your Family and Pets From Fleas!

If you have a pet in your home or even next door (especially a cat or a dog) there is a good chance that at some point, they will bring fleas into your house. Fleas are horrible pests and really hard to get rid of. They multiply at a very fast rate, are extremely small, and are sometimes difficult to see.

Flea Control

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DIY Flea Treatments

You can try some home flea treatments on your own, but from our experience most off-the-shelf products will not eradicate the problem. The DIY stuff is often a temporary band-aid before the fleas multiply again.

Professional Flea Treatments

The best way to eliminate a home flea problem is to call in the professional flea control team at B&T Pest Control. We have over three decades of experience eliminating flea infestations. We are experts at flea treatments. We come recommended as one of the best flea control companies in Eastern NC. We can offer flea treatments for homes in the following counties:

Onslow County

Pender County

New Hanover County

Carteret County

  • Cedar Point
  • Cape Carteret
  • Emerald Isle

Why Hire B&T Pest Control For Flea Treatments

We Are Thorough

We don’t just walk in with a can of spray and walk out. We use a three-step process utilizing special long-term powders, liquid treatments with insect growth regulators, and special aerosol flea treatments to treat the carpets, hard floor surfaces, and your upholstered furniture.

Many pet owners worry about the chemicals that are used in their homes to get rid of fleas. You will be happy to know that all the products we use have been tested and approved by the EPA for effectiveness with the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment in mind.

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Guaranteed PestGuard Covers Fleas - Only $45/Month!

Did you know that our guaranteed PestGuard pest control service covers fleas? For only $45/month you can keep fleas out and rest easy knowing that your home is covered!

We Keep Fleas Gone

We do more than just get rid of fleas. By choosing our Flea Magic Flea Treatment, you are insuring that you don’t get fleas for a long time. Our Flea Magic Flea Treatment comes with a one-year written guarantee! If fleas re-infest your home, we will return and treat the infested areas at no additional charge!

Flea Treatments Both Indoors & Outdoors

We don’t just do the inside of your home. We also offer lawn flea treatments to help rid your lawn of fleas that may end up back inside your home.

We Offer Move-Out Flea Treatments

We offer move-out flea treatments. This economical one-time service is ideal for tenants whose lease requires a flea treatment to get their security deposit back. (Note, however, that these move-out treatments do not come with a warranty.) Don’t expose your family and your pet to diseases that are caused by fleas! Call us right away and schedule an inspection for fleas in and around your home.

Get rid of your fleas today!

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