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Whether you have pets or not, you should be aware of fleas and the difficulties they pose when they infest. These tiny insects growing between 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long are usually too small to see without magnification. However, they have a thin, flattened body with a hard exterior, six legs, and are dark reddish-brown.

Fleas can't fly, but their legs are powerful, allowing them to jump 150 times their size. As parasitic insects, fleas require warm-blooded hosts to survive. They have stiff bristles on their bodies, which help them stay attached to the hair or fur of the animal they are feeding on.

An infestation of these pests might not be apparent right away because of their size. But adult female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs each day, so a small infestation can quickly grow, overwhelming your pets, family, and home.

Because of their reproduction rate and other factors, fleas are challenging pests to get rid of once they have established themselves in a home. If you attempt to use DIY control methods and store-bought products to eliminate a flea infestation, you may see some results but likely will experience a reinfestation in no time.

To effectively return your home to a flea-free state, you need treatments that target these pests at every stage of their life cycle, not just the adults. Without such treatments, you could leave flea eggs and larvae behind, which will continue developing and reproducing.

The most effective way to handle a flea infestation is by working with pest professionals for tried and true products and methods. Jacksonville residents can rely on our B&T Pest Control service team members for high-quality flea control, guaranteed. 

Why Hire B&T Pest Control For Flea Treatments?

We Are Thorough

We don’t just walk in with a can of spray and walk out. We use a three-step process utilizing special long-term powders, liquid treatments with insect growth regulators, and special aerosol flea treatments to treat the carpets, hard floor surfaces, and your upholstered furniture.

Many pet owners worry about the chemicals that are used in their homes to get rid of fleas. You will be happy to know that all the products we use have been tested and approved by the EPA for effectiveness with the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment in mind.

B&T Pest Control's Targeted Flea Control Services

a flea jumping through a persons arm hair

All of our service team members at B&T Pest Control are highly trained and knowledgeable in identifying flea infestations and implementing the most appropriate treatments to eliminate them.

We use a three-step process that utilizes:

  • Special long-term powders
  • Liquid treatments with insect growth regulators
  • Special aerosol treatments for carpets, hard floors, and upholstered furniture

Not only do we treat the interior of your home to get rid of fleas, but we also provide lawn treatments for these pests.

Our flea treatments target all life stages, which is essential to properly eliminate an entire infestation. And the products we use are all tested and approved by the EPA so that you can have peace of mind about our Jacksonville pest services in your home with pets and kids. If you experience a reinfestation of fleas, we will return and retreat affected areas at no extra cost.

Guaranteed PestGuard Covers Fleas - Only $45/Month!

Did you know that our guaranteed PestGuard pest control service covers fleas? For only $45 per month, so you can keep fleas out and rest easy knowing that your home is covered!

We Keep Fleas Gone

We do more than just get rid of fleas. By choosing our Flea Magic Flea Treatment, you are ensuring that you don’t get fleas for a long time. Our Flea Magic Flea Treatment comes with a one-year written guarantee! If fleas re-infest your home, we will return and treat the infested areas at no additional charge!

Flea Treatments Both Indoors & Outdoors

We don’t just do the inside of your home. We also offer lawn flea treatments to help rid your lawn of fleas that may end up back inside your home.

We Offer Move-Out Flea Treatments

We offer move-out flea treatments. This economical one-time service is ideal for tenants whose lease requires a flea treatment to get their security deposit back. (Note, however, that these move-out treatments do not come with a warranty.) Don’t expose your family and your pet to diseases that are caused by fleas! Don't wait; contact us at B&T Pest Control if you are worried about fleas in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

While homes with pets may be more susceptible to flea infestations, they can happen in any home. Wildlife, rodents, and birds can carry fleas into your yard, where eggs and adults fall and can be picked up by another animal or person. These animals can also invade your home, bringing fleas inside with them.

All Your Jacksonville Home Pest Control Needs

B&T Pest Control offers two general pest control plans, PestGuard and PestGuardPLUS, to keep your home free of our area's most common pests. We also provide other targeted services, including:

B&T Pest Control is a family-owned-and-operated business, servicing Jacksonville and the surrounding areas since 1982 with pet and family-friendly pest control treatments. Working with B&T Pest Control means receiving the quality customer care and professional services you deserve!

Contact us at B&T Pest Control for assistance with all your home pest control needs!

What B&T Customers Are Saying

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"We have used this pest control service since we moved to North Carolina 3 years ago. Jeff has done an amazing job keeping our home bug free! He is friendly and always polite! I would recommend him to anyone."

Sherry G.

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