Jacksonville's Guide To Avoiding Bed Bug Infestations

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So many pests in Jacksonville and around the world are preventable with exclusion tips and pest control treatments. Bed bugs are not one of these pests. These local insects do not crawl through open windows and doors. They get inside in a more unique way.

Take some time today to learn about bed bug infestations in Jacksonville and how to avoid them in our homes. Get in touch with B&T Pest Control for professional assistance with these pests. Our team will walk you through what bed bug pest control in Jacksonville looks like and find a service time that works for you and your home. 

How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Home

Before we talk about how to avoid bed bugs, we think you should know how to identify these pests. You can find most signs of bed bugs around your bed. Check your covers for rusty blood stains, specks of reddish-black fecal droppings, pearl-colored eggs, and live bed bugs. Identify these pests by their ¼ inch-long, oval-shaped, reddish-brown bodies. After you have finished checking your bed, check your body for bite marks. Bed bug bites are small, red, sometimes raised, and run in a straight line or zig-zag pattern. It is good to mention with this that not everyone reacts the same to bites. Some people have no reaction at all.

To effectively identify if your home has an active infestation, do not be afraid to contact our team. We offer fast and reliable bed bug inspections and would be happy to pay you a visit.

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Spread?

Bed bugs are not like other insects that invade homes in our area. They do not get indoors by crawling through openings like cracks around windows. Instead, they use people to travel around. This usually involves climbing onto an item like a backpack, purse, or pile of used clothing. Things that have the scent of carbon dioxide and residual heat are more likely to attract bed bugs. 

Once these pests hop aboard an item, it is only a matter of time before they find their way into someone's home. It is just as likely that you will bring these pests into your home as it is that one of your family members or friends might carry these bugs inside. Keep this in mind.

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs While In Public

Know that you know how bed bugs get into homes; let’s talk about how you can avoid these pests. Here are three of the best DIY bed bug control tips to avoid an infestation{

  1. Check hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before settling in. If you see anything concerning, change rooms.
  2. Check used items for bed bugs before purchasing them.
  3. Do not leave items on the ground in public for more than 20 minutes at a time.

If you cannot avoid bed bugs and find these pests inside your home, we are here to help. 

The Most Effective Bed Bug Control For Jacksonville Homes

The absolute best form of bed bug pest control in Jacksonville lies with our team. B&T Pest Control is a local and trusted provider that can help you handle these and other common pests inside and around your home. We start with a thorough pest inspection. This will let us identify what pests you are dealing with and recommend fast-working treatments to get them out.

Contact B&T Pest Control now to learn more about our methods and make an appointment for your Jacksonville home to have bed bugs removed.

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