Nuisance Wildlife In Jacksonville Can Be Hard To Handle On Your Own

a squirrel on a lawn near a home

Most local wildlife has no interest in spending time on your property. They like living out in nature and find no benefit in seeking shelter or food in your yard. That said, several wild creatures in our area like spending time near and inside buildings. We will talk about these wild creatures today and offer some simple options for wildlife pest control in Jacksonville.

Reach out to our team at B&T Pest Control if you need immediate help dealing with invasive wildlife on your property. We would be happy to visit you and offer quick Jacksonville wildlife control options to combat local pests. 

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Jacksonville

Before we talk more about local wildlife removal, we think it is important that you know what types of wildlife are problematic here in Jacksonville. Let’s start with the most obvious, rodents. Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels regularly invade homes and outbuildings while looking for food, moisture, and shelter. Birds and bats are similar in seeking shelter inside attic spaces, barns, and garages. Other local wild animals cause problems, mostly outdoors; these include raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, gophers, and moles. Some of these pests dig unsightly holes in lawns. Others get into trash cans and dumpsters and tear up garbage bags looking for food. If you notice wild animals on your property, know they might cause problems.

The Dangers Nuisance Wildlife Brings

Most wild creatures pose a threat to humans either directly or indirectly. Rodents, birds, and bats enter Jacksonville homes and spread disease through their excrement. Skunks possess a potent and smelly chemical called N-butlymercaptan which can be sprayed from their rear stink sac. Many local wildlife can become rabid and become more aggressive towards humans. One of the biggest problems associated with wild creatures is the fleas and ticks they carry. These smaller parasitic bugs spread diseases through their bites and are a considerable threat to humans and their pets. The more reasons wildlife have to spend time on your property, the more like you and your family are to get sick. Thankfully there are many options for wildlife removal and control here in Jacksonville.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control

If you continue finding wild creatures causing trouble on your property, the best way to get them to stop is with professional wildlife control in Jacksonville. Only an expert will know how to identify and address these problematic pests. If you are looking for nuisance wildlife control near you, let us throw our hats into the ring. Our team at B&T Pest Control understands how frustrating pest problems are and is passionate about solving problems for homeowners like you. Let us do what we do best so that you can live a life without the worry of dangerous and destructive wild creatures.

Five Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips

After you have wildlife removed from your property, your next step should be to make your yard and home less attractive to these pests. To help with this, here are five DIY wildlife and pest control tips to use around your property.

  1. Install a fence around your yard and garden.
  2. Eliminate moisture sources on your property.
  3. Pick up fruits, berries, and other produce that falls into your yard.
  4. Clean up thoroughly after hosting outdoor gatherings.
  5. Avoid feeding your pets outdoors or cleaning out their bowls after every meal.

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