Pigeons In Jacksonville Can Be Hard To Deal With Alone


If you live in Jacksonville, you know that there are a lot of pigeons around. They can be pretty pesky, and it's not always easy to get rid of them on your own. B&T Pest Control will go over all you need to know about pigeons in Jacksonville, from their intelligence to why they're considered pests to how to get rid of them. We'll also discuss how professional pest control in Jacksonville can help to keep them away from your property for good.

Are Pigeons Considered Intelligent?

The answer is yes; pigeons are actually considered to be one of the most intelligent birds. They have a good memory and can learn tricks easily. Pigeons can also recognize individual humans, and they have been known to hold grudges against people who have harmed them in the past.

This means that if you're trying to get rid of pigeons on your own, they may be able to outsmart you. That's why it's important to call in a professional pest control company like B&T Pest Control. We know how to deal with these clever birds. Our whole team is trained in the latest bird prevention methods and techniques. 

Do Pigeons Carry Anything Harmful To Humans and Animals?

Yes, pigeons can spread harmful diseases to humans and animals. They are known to carry bacteria like salmonella and E. coli, and they can also cause meningitis. These diseases can be spread through contact with their feathers, feces, or saliva.

Pigeons can also transmit parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks. If you have pets, you'll want to be especially careful about contact with pigeons. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to call a professional pest control company like B&T Pest Control to deal with the birds.

Why Are Pigeons Considered A Pest?

Pigeons are considered pests for several different reasons:

  • They can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and animals. Pigeons spread a number of diseases through contact with their feathers, feces, or saliva.
  • They can damage property. Pigeons love to roost on ledges and in attics. Over time, their droppings can damage the exterior of your home and attract other pests.
  • They can be a nuisance. Pigeons are loud, and their droppings can be a mess. 
  • They can congregate in large numbers. When pigeons congregate in large numbers, they can attract other pests like rats and mice.

Pigeons can be a real pain, but luckily, B&T Pest Control can help. We're experts at getting rid of pigeons in Jacksonville, and we'll make sure they don't come back. 

How Do I Deal With The Pigeon Problem I've Been Having?

If you're dealing with a pigeon problem, the best thing to do is call the pest control professionals at B&T Pest Control. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to prevent the pigeon problem from growing:

  • Remove food sources. If you're feeding the birds, stop! Pigeons will congregate where there is a food source.
  • Get rid of roosting spots. Remove or block access to any ledges or other spots where pigeons like to roost.
  • Keep your property clean. Pigeons are attracted to areas that are cluttered and dirty. Keep your yard clean and free of debris.

Following these tips will help to keep the pigeon problem under control until a professional can get rid of them for good.

When it comes to eliminating the pesky pigeons on your Jacksonville property, it's best to leave it to the professionals. B&T Pest Control is well-versed in bird control solutions and we go above and beyond our state licensing requirements with additional training. You can rest assured we'll have the pigeon control solution for you. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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