The Importance Of Effective Wildlife Control For Jacksonville, NC Properties

Raccoon next to house

If you’re looking to settle in a city where “heroes are born and trained,” then Jacksonville, North Carolina, is a perfect destination. Marines and sailors from all over the United States temporarily call Camp Lejeune home while they train at the largest Marine Corps base on the East Coast. Soldiers aren’t the only residents making Jacksonville, NC their temporary home. Multiple wildlife pests in the area often wander onto local properties and attempt to settle down. Without expert Jacksonville, NC pest control, property owners may have a reoccurring mess on their hands.

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade Jacksonville, NC Properties

Jacksonville, NC is a suburban community not far from sparkling beaches, but don’t let its coastal lifestyle fool you. Known as a “tree city,” vegetation and green space are abundant, and with a few forests dropped into the mix, visits from local wildlife frequently occur.

Some wildlife most likely to wander onto local properties include:

  • Birds
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Rodents

When properties start experiencing visits from area wildlife, it can lead to severe problems for property owners. Since nature’s creatures can negatively affect properties, protection services from wildlife control specialists like B&T Pest Control are essential for nuisance wildlife removal.

All The Problems Wildlife Can Create Around Your Property

Whether your property is residential or commercial, dealing with nuisance wildlife in Jacksonville, NC can present some serious challenges. Generally, animals that roam your property can be destructive, leading to costly cleanup and repairs. Rodents, in particular, seem to gnaw on everything, including electrical wires, creating fire concerns. Their waste can, directly and indirectly, affect people living or working in buildings on your property. Plus, most people don’t give birds a second thought, but they frequently expel corrosive waste that can damage structures, and their nests can damage roofs and present a fire danger.

Wildlife that gets cozy in buildings can transmit diseases, contaminate surfaces, and ruin stored products. Another concern with roaming wildlife is their ability to bite, and while rare, rabies is always a concern. Most property owners have little time, patience, or training to remove problem wildlife from their property successfully. Compounding these issues is the fact that many states have strict guidelines and policies governing how you deal with wildlife removal and release. At B&T Pest Control, we have a North Carolina wildlife damage control agent on staff who can perform professional wildlife removal safely and effectively.

Natural Ways To Make Your Property Less Inviting To Wildlife

While most wildlife would rather avoid human contact, some circumstances will cause them to seek out sources of shelter, food, and water. With some simple cleanup techniques, property owners can naturally make their properties less inviting to intrusive wildlife.

Six ways to naturally prevent wildlife on your property include the following points:

  1. Make sure garbage gets placed outside into sealed bins.
  2. Seal any gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices (in siding, around foundations, and where utility pipes and electrical lines come into buildings)
  3. Set up barriers to prevent birds from nesting (with help from professionals).
  4. Screen areas like chimneys and vents.
  5. Fix any water/drainage issues around the property.
  6. Remove debris from property grounds that could facilitate nesting sites.

Dealing with wildlife issues yourself is a bad idea; they are wild creatures and unpredictable. B&T Pest Control has expert service team members trained to deal with wildlife pest control issues.

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

Wildlife solutions offered by B&T Pest Control involve identifying how animals are accessing your property and creating a strategic plan to remove them safely. In 1982, we established our family-owned pest company, which means we have 40 years of experience in the wildlife and pest control industry. If you’re looking to hire a superior wildlife control company in Jacksonville, NC, that will exceed your expectations, contact B&T Pest Control today.

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