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Pest Control In North Topsail Beach, NC

The town of North Topsail Beach is home to beautiful beaches and comfortable year-round weather. Warm Gulf Stream currents and cooler inshore waters mean great fishing all year. And the festivals, pools, restaurants, and shopping venues mean there’s always something to do. 

This is great news for those of us who live or wish to visit. Unfortunately, it’s also ideal conditions for local pests who seek entry into area homes for easy access to food, water, and shelter. Luckily, Onslow County pest control is up to the challenge of these home-invading pests. Here’s what you need to know about common invading pests and how you can keep them out of your North Topsail Beach home. 

Residential Pest Control In North Topsail Beach

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If you are looking for a home pest control company that combines modern technology with time-proven hard work, and exceptional customer services, look no further than B&T Pest Control. We’ve built our business on these traits as well as prioritizing affordable and comprehensive pest control with no hidden fees. 

Our residential pest control programs will get rid of existing pest pressures, eliminate entry points and conducive conditions, eliminate existing problems, and minimize future pest infestations. Call today to find out more about our ongoing service plans, as well as specialty services for your North Topsail Beach home. 

Why North Topsail Beach Homeowners Need Termite Protection

Termites cost United States homeowners billions of dollars each year in repairs, and homeowners insurance policies do not cover the majority of termite damage. 

Termites are tiny insects, but they live together in large social colonies. They will toil away within a structure month after month and year after year, creating structural damage that is often not identified until major issues have resulted. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to notice the early signs of termites in your home because these insects create their damage from the inside out and almost never come out into the open where they can be seen. 

Annual termite inspections by a trained pest professional can be key in catching infestations in the early stages before colonies have spread and damage is extensive. 

At B&T Pest Control, we offer these inspections as well as comprehensive termite control for homes already facing infestations. Because termites are hidden away inside the structure of your home, treating an active infestation of these pests can be a challenging task. Unlike other companies, at B&T Pest Control, we offer a multidimensional treatment, combining a bait system with treatment of the soil around the perimeter of your home and treatment of high-danger areas underneath porches and inside crawl spaces. 

Termite control is included in PestGuard PLUS plans, and we also offer one-time termite treatments. Call today to find out more!

What To Do When The Wildlife Show Up In North Topsail Beach

It can be exciting to see wildlife up close, but when wildlife makes themselves at home on your property, they can go from a marvel to a menace in no time. Wildlife on your property can spread disease, damage property and belongings, and threaten the safety of your family and pets. Keep your property and those around it safe from nuisance and dangerous wildlife by following these tips:

  • Keep trash cans covered and empty them regularly.
  • Limit other potential sources of food, such as pet food or fallen fruits and berries.
  • Seal holes and other access points like broken vent covers to prevent wildlife from getting inside your home or outbuildings. 
  • Trim branches away from your roof and exterior walls. 
  • Eliminate harborage areas such as woodpiles and logs around your home. 

For help preventing and eliminating wildlife in your North Topsail Beach home, call on the professionals at B&T Pest Control.

Why Do I Have Fleas In My North Topsail Beach Home?

Whether or not you have pets, your North Topsail Beach home is at risk for a flea infestation. Fleas are common area pests and can move into properties in a variety of ways. Indoor and outdoor dogs and cats are common vectors for these insects. Fleas will rest in shady areas and hop onto warm-blooded mammals who venture too close to them, but there are also other ways fleas can get inside our homes. 

Wildlife species, as well as rodents like mice and rats, are often hosts to fleas and ticks. When they enter our properties, they can spread these secondary infestations as they go. People also often transfer fleas from one place to another. Occasionally fleas will catch a ride on our clothing or bags, but more often, they are transferred inside items such as furniture or carpets that move from one location to another. 

Regardless of how fleas get into your home, it’s important to get them out as soon as possible to prevent further spreading. The best way to do this is with help from local professionals like the service team members from B&T Pest Control. Call today for your free estimate and to find out more about our flea control services. 

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